"Our daughter really loves this program! Her maple from 2 years ago is really pretty and growing tall in her grandmother's yard and her tamarack from last year is beautiful and growing strong in our back yard. So, thanks for providing this, it means a great deal to our child."

- Parent

About Us

Hello! My name is Vikas Narula. I am the Founder of Neighborhood Forest. When I was 21 years old I had the fortune of planting many trees as part of a college environmental program. I watched those tiny seedlings grow from helpless twigs into gentle giants more than 10 times my size.

Planting and watching small trees grow to maturity has been one of the most gratifying and inspiring things I have done in my life. I want children – as many as possible – to experience this wonder of planting and watching trees grow. I love trees and the mission of Neighborhood Forest is to give kids an opportunity to plant them every Earth Day.

Please join us!

Hi! I’m Vivek Narula, the older brother to Vikas above.

A recent brush with destiny brought me from Canada to Minnesota and into the fold of Neighborhood Forest where I now work on the sponsorship development side.

I help spread the word about our mission to new sponsors and new communities, so we can spread the wonder and joy of planting trees to as many schoolchildren as possible.



Now that my brother and I live in the same city, people sometimes confuse us for the same person. It might be the clothes. We’ll have to work on that.