School Registration

Requirements for Receiving Free Trees from Neighborhood Forest

  1. The school will appoint a Coordinator to manage and organize the packaging and distribution of trees.
  2. The school agrees to email the online registration form (which we provide) to obtain approval from parents to plant the tree with their child. We will track registrations and update your coordinator regarding the total tree count for your school and who the recipients are.
  3. The school agrees to provide materials necessary to package the trees for distribution (e.g. re-used plastic bags). We will provide guidelines. Last year we supplied 100% biodegradable bags for packing purposes (at no charge) and hope to do the same this year.
  4. Neighborhood Forest will email tree planting instructions to all parents to coincide with the tree distribution on or just before Earth Day. Tree species and sponsor information will accompany the online planting instructions and/or registration forms.
  5. We ask that you share photos of your kids and trees, which we can share with our broader community – especially for heart-warming “then and now” photos in the years to come.

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