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Neighborhood Forest gives trees (6-12 inches in size) to school children. For free. Every Earth Day. We do this in cooperation with parents, school administrators and teachers. We agree to give trees away for free, provided schools are willing to distribute them to their students and parents are willing to plant and care for them with their kids. We currently serve the Midwest, though we have worked with schools outside this region. Eventually, we are looking to expand nationwide and internationally. If your school is interested in receiving free trees on Earth Day, please sign up by clicking on the button below.

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We give free trees to school kids through generous sponsorships from businesses and individuals. Sponsoring one child to plant a tree on Earth Day costs as little as $1.99 per year. Once a school has received sponsorships for all its children, permission forms are emailed to parents. If parents agree to plant and care for the tree with their child, they receive a free tree from Neighborhood Forest on Earth Day. The more sponsorships we have, the more trees get planted in urban, suburban and rural communities.

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Our Purpose

Neighborhood Forest has three main goals: We want to give children a way to connect with the Earth; help beautify our neighborhoods; and help families make a small dent in their carbon footprint. Since 2010, we have reached over 42,000 school children who have helped plant over 28,000 trees in 10 states and Ontario, Canada.