Loblolly Pine


By neighborhoodforest

Some of you (in southeastern states such as Florida) will be receiving a Loblolly Pine through Neighborhood Forest this spring (Earth Day / Week 2020).

Here is some information about this beautiful tree.

The loblolly pine is one of the fastest-growing southern pines. This tree is used as a quick-screen in many landscapes. It grows in a wide variety of soils and is drought tolerant.

The loblolly pine grows to 60-100 feet in height with a 25-35 foot spread. It grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24 inches per year.

Full sun is the ideal condition for this tree, meaning it should get at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day.

While it prefers normal moisture, the tree can tolerate some flooding and moderate drought.

You can find simple planting instructions here.

Loblolly pines provide shelter and food for many southeastern animals, including birds such as Carolina chickadees, brown-headed nuthatches, rufous-sided towhees, northern bobwhites and wild turkeys. The seeds are also consumed by chipmunks, squirrels and other small rodents.

The loblolly is native to the east coast of North America from New Jersey to Florida and Texas. It has a long history with the pioneers and is very aromatic, thus sometimes known as “rosemary” pine.

Source: Arbor Day Foundation

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