Staying Cute and Growing Up

Kids are cute and so are the little trees we give away for free, every Earth Day.

Be patient and take care of your little tree – in a few short years that little tree might be bigger than you!

Don’t worry, you and your tree will still be “cute” and you will both be doing more and more good in the world.

Thank you for being a part of our program!

The Benefits of Urban Forests

American Forests ( put out this wonderful video summarizing the benefits and importance of our urban forests.

Giving Free Trees to Kids – Every Earth Day

Neighborhood Forest gets thousands of kids involved in the tree preparation, packing, distribution, and planting process every Earth Day.

Here is a sneak peek of what it might look like in your school come Earth Day.

Join us!

I Love Trees!

Our dear friend, Katie Strand, created this epic video and GoFundMe campaign to help bridge the funding gap from the incredible surge in participation we unexpectedly received this year.

Check out her amazing video and song, “I Love Trees!”

Let’s Celebrate Our Home!

It’s a bit chilly out right now, but soon it is going to be spring!

A time to celebrate the Earth and plant trees!

Keep Your Footprint Small

Neighborhood Forest gives kids and families an easy and fun way to reduce your carbon footprint – by planting trees!

Urban and residential trees beautify our neighborhoods, increase property values, reduce our utility bills by providing shade or serving as a windbreak, and eliminate pollution all the while turning CO2 into precious oxygen.

We are so grateful to you and your efforts to plant trees.