Earth Day 2013


By neighborhoodforest

Posted on May 1, 2013 by vnarula

It was an unforgettable Earth Day.

Who could forget all the white fluffy stuff on the ground and the below freezing temperatures that surprised us that morning? It felt more appropriate to hand out snow shovels and earmuffs than hand out trees!

Fortunately, Mother Nature’s little joke didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. We were able to give away nearly 1000 tamarack trees at 11 schools across the Twin Cities this year. Parents were instructed to keep their children’s little tamaracks refrigerated until the outside temperature was suitable for planting.

Fortunately, a few days later, the sun came out and temperatures went up. Parents and kids, with sleeves rolled up, shovels in hand, got the chance to plant the trees in their yards. No doubt the tamaracks were happy as well, settled in their new homes with their roots firmly nestled in the ground again.

Thank you everyone — participating schools, school coordinators, parents and sponsors — for your encouragement and support during our free tree giveaway this year.

We look forward to getting more schools onboard, giving away more trees, and bringing more smiles to children in 2014.

We hope you enjoy some of these highlights from Earth Day 2013!

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